~Like a grape~

Originally Koga Kishoen runs a farm which produces wine and grapes in the land of Karashi.
A grape representative of Koshu, the village of fruit, is a fruit loved by people from a long time ago,
It has enjoyed the eyes and tongue of the traveler visiting this place with its vivid color and fragrance, rich flavor cultivated in the earth.
We wish to harmonize those who visit like such grapes and wish to be a loved one by everyone,
In addition, we use the mark that graphed grapes on the mark of this facility so as not to forget the nature and the heart that cherishes the earth when it was a farm.

Recommended plan

  • 【Pets OK】Dog service substitution ~ small dog·Medium dog ~

    ★Even dogs are members of the family★
    ... It is good to go on a trip as well! ...
  • A little luxurious dinner plan from the age of 50!

    Good news for customers from the age of 50! A little luxurious and affordable dinner plan with over 50 years of age appeared!
    Please spend a relaxing adult time!
  • "Yamanashi gourmet" Toast with simmered boiled x Buuchuu noodles☆10,000 yen(tax excluded)~

    "Buuchuu" which blended wine and shochu, which can only be drunk in Yamanashi and B-class gourmet "Terutobi boiled" representative of Yamanashi, unexpectedly known.
    Please enjoy the two Yamanashi gourmet + Chef Chef Koshu Kaiseki cuisine!


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822 Ichibe, Isawa Town, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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7 minutes on foot from JR Isawaonsen Station, 15 minutes from Chuo Expressway Ichinomiya and Misaka IC.
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